Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Name Change and some Good News!

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to let you know a few things. First off, a name change to the blog since I am no longer a law student, I've renamed the blog. While I'm not quite a lawyer yet (give me a few months) but it seemed fitting.

Additionally, I can finally announce that I have contracted my firs book. It will be released sometime in the near future by Musa Publishing. So I will be chronicling my experience through this process. I will also be putting out a bunch of promo as the time gets closer.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Person of Interest - "Firewall"

Person of Interest 1.23: “Firewall”

“He’s in danger now, because he was working for you. So you’re going to help me get him back.”
- Reese

The finale has finally arrived! I’ve been waiting quite anxiously since last week to see how everything played out this week. And let me tell you, did not disappoint. We start with an in media res with Carter getting a call from Finch saying that Reese needs help. She heads out when the FBI agent swoops in to drag her away. They’ve spotted Reese on surveillance and they plan on catching him. We rewind to 6am that morning and find Finch waiting for Reese in the library. Reese has been encouraging Lionel to show initiative and get noticed more by HR. It will have to wait though because they’ve got a new number, Caroline Turing (played by the lovely Amy Acker. She’s been popping up in guest spots all over my favorite TV shows this season). She’s a psychologist for the rich and secretive. As Reese is spying on her, it sounds like some of her clients have some issues that might prove dangerous to her safety. Meanwhile, Lionel finally meets the top brass of HR and they give him and Simmons an assignment. With Elias gone, it seems that HR is moving into murder for hire. They’ve been contracted by a wealthy guy to take out someone. That someone turns out to be Caroline. Right off the bat things are going to be really complicated.

Reese installs a motion sensor camera in a thermostat outside Caroline’s office and ends up posing as a new patient to keep an eye on her. She makes some accurate observations about him and he has to read very carefully in how he answers her questions. S ay the wrong thing and it could get very messy. And as if things weren’t complicated enough with the case, Alicia (from the NSA) has found Finch and is watching him. She sees him go into the library. After their session, Finch alerts Reese to the fact he’s brought in an old friend to help them narrow down which client put the hit out. Enter Ms. Zoe Morgan. I really have to say I like the way she and John work together. I hope they bring her back more often next season. She has narrowed it down to three possible clients and is going to check them out while Reese keeps an eye on Caroline some more. Finch also lets Carter know that things are fishy with one of HR’s top brass, a city Councilman. So I guess she knows about the corrupt cop network, too. Speaking of, Simmons and his guys are setting up how they’re going to take out Caroline. They’ll ambush her and make it look like a robbery gone bad on her way home from work. Of Course, Reese is there to save her.

Reese and Caroline duck into an expensive hotel and of course the only available room is the honeymoon suite. But they take it. They don’t have much time to settle in, though because HR has found them. We do have a kind of touching scene where Caroline starts to freak out and Reese gives her chocolates to make her feel better. I have to say I laughed both times I watched that. He delivers it so straight-faced but that makes it all the more amusing. We get the scene we started with where Finch calls Carter for help and she sees Lionel is among the people in ops. Finch has an idea though. The person who had the penthouse before them had a helicopter that’s still there. Reese may be a little rusty but he’ll give flying it a try to make their escape. They don’t get far though because the FBI has figured out where they are. The HR crew is on their tails now, too. So they’ve got both sets of guys to worry about.

Zoe has gathered a little more intel on one of the potential clients, a prominent prosecutor. The guy Reese saw in Caroline’s office was a fake. He was blackmailed into doing it. So Zoe is headed for Caroline’s office to snoop around some more. Meanwhile, Finch is on his way to meet Reese and Caroline after they make their escape. Unfortunately for him, Alicia’s still spying and she breaks into the library. That can’t possibly end well. Meanwhile, the HR crew is going to blow up both Reese and Caroline and make it look like Reese (who they’ll say is unstable and would do anything to resist capture) did it. Carter is frantically sending Reese texts to help him evade both the FBI and the HR gang. Someone is obviously feeding HR intel because they figure out Reese was on the freight elevator. It doesn’t look good for Lionel because Carter notices him texting furiously on his phone, too. Just as both teams are about to make their move, Finch shuts down all the cell towers in the surrounding area, hacking it so that only he can call. Meanwhile, Carter goes to confront Lionel about his involvement and we get the scene we’ve been waiting for since Carter started working with our boys. Lionel admits he’s been working with Finch and Reese and Finch calls Carter and confirms it. But they’re all going to need to get downtown to help Reese get out of the predicament he’s in.

Reese manages to get Caroline to the service tunnel that she needs to take to get away but he’s going to stay behind and old off the guys with guns as long as he can. Finch is waiting for her at the water treatment plant. And in a small scene that I missed before, Reese breaks in the HR car and steals a gun and sees the remaining explosives in the trunk. Person of Interest wouldn’t be complete without a big gun fight and this one doesn’t disappoint. Just as Reese thinks he’s out of luck and time (Simmons says as much) Carter and Lionel show up and give Reese enough cover to get in their car and they take off, HR in hot pursuit. Thanks to the explosives, Reese manages to blow up the HR car. We also get a rather funny scene where Carter and Lionel were complaining to Reese about him not telling them about the other. Meanwhile, things aren’t going very well for Finch. As he’s waiting for Caroline to arrive, Alicia gets in the front passenger seat with a gun trained on him. She knows who he is and she wants some answers. She’s obviously come a little undone since the whole inception of the Machine. He tries to tell her that the Machine didn’t kill Nathan (I’m guessing they had some kind of connection beyond business contacts) but that people did. Before she can say more, Caroline arrives and shoots her. She reveals that she’s the hacker from “Root Cause”. I have to say that I’m quite excited by this revelation (though I initially thought Alicia might be the hacker). We get Amy Acker going from sort of Angel season 3 clueless Fred to Dollhouse season 2 evil Whiskey. I like it. She’s quite excited to finally meet Finch and she was glad that he and Reese figured out she was in danger, although she made sure she would be by taking the hit out on herself. Reese gets to the drop off point to find Alicia’s dead body lying on the ground and the car gone. Caroline has taken Finch. It turns out that the FBI agent was the mole and he gets arrested. But Simmons is still out there running around. So we have a nice set up for season 2 and more Amy acker to come! At the end Reese addresses the machine, telling it that he needs help to find Finch. It looks like the Machine isn’t quite as tied to human control after all. A nearby payphone rings and we are left with Reese answering it.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Person of Interest - "No Good Deed"

Person of Interest 1.22: “No Good Deed”

“I know who wants Peck dead and I know why. I know what he’s been asking questions about. They want him dead because of me.”
- Finch

Our penultimate episode of season 1 is a very Finch-centric hour. Not that I’m complaining. I think the writers have done a good job balancing the emphasis on the various characters (though admittedly, I’d like to see some more of Lionel’s history in season 2). But regardless, this episode sets us up very nicely for what should be a tension-filled season 1 finale. We begin this week back in 2009. It’s the day before Finch and Nathan are supposed to turn the Machine over to the government. Finch wants to keep it running as long as possible. Nathan is starting to worry about Finch. He’s spent so long watching other people that he’s not spent time, developing his own life and relationships. Finch smiles and suggests that maybe he has. Back in the present, Reese is back to tailing Finch to try and find out anything about him. Lionel calls with some interesting news. HR brass wants to meet with him. Reese is more focused on Finch right now (especially since the meeting with HR doesn’t go down for a week). Reese watches Finch buy a magazine and get an alert on his phone. Finch ducks into a pay phone and moments later calls Reese with news of a new number, Henry Peck. He’s a financial analyst but he’s got really good security. Reese alludes to the fact that Finch is the same way and wants to know how the Machine communicates with Finch, since there may come a time when Reese has to do this alone. Finch brushes it off, saying he has a contingency if that were to happen.

So Reese is doing his usual surveillance of Henry while Finch tries to crack his online security. It isn’t going well. Finch can’t hack the security on Peck’s company and Reese can’t get signals from his Wi-Fi or phone. So he tries the charming approach and fails. Well okay so if the secretary didn’t have a gun pointed at him from under the desk it might have worked. Probably would have helped too if it weren’t an NSA listening station. It reminded me a little bit of LOST with the Dharma stations. Finch slips in dressed as a delivery and handyman and hooks up a camera to a new coffee maker so they at least have eyes and ears sort of inside. Reese is monitoring Peck at home when things get interesting. He gets arrested for having felony weight Adderall. He makes bail the next morning and heads back to work. Carter shares that he had one charge against him but it was expunged. Apparently it was “the principle of thing” and that’s why he sent the judge an obnoxiously long brief to wipe the speeding ticket. Anyway, things go from bad to worse for Peck. He gets kicked out of work because of the drug charge. At home, he’s greeted by an assassin. Reese manages to fight him off but loses him again. Finch tracks Peck via his phone and we learn that Peck asked some questions about how a name ended up in a report he wrote three weeks ago (the name led to the aversion of a major terrorist attack). Finch puts it together. Henry’s been asking about the Machine.

We jump back to 2009 to find Alicia meeting with Nathan. She seems nervous about things but he tells her everything will be fine and that the less people that know about the Machine the better. And Alicia assures Nathan that they have a way to disseminate the information so it won’t track back to the Machine. In the present, Finch admits that he knew measures would be taken to protect the Machine, he just didn’t realize how deadly they’d be. Peck gives them the slip after finally talking to Alicia. She gives him something to look into and tells him to run. So he does. Empties his bank account and gets rid of all his credit cards. Finch finally locates him at a youth hostel. Meanwhile, the team who is hunting Peck reports in to Washington that they’ve hit a snag. Their contact tells them to just get it done. We jump back to 2009 again and it’s the night before the Machine gets turned over to the government. Nathan wants to put in a back door to completely shut it off in case something bad happens, like the government abusing the tech. Finch says that he built the Machine in such a way that it can’t be abused or hacked or altered and that putting in a back door exposes the Machine.

Peck sneaks back onto the NSA and finds some files. Reese manages to tackle him out of the line of fire but he takes off again. He gets himself arrested by throwing a bottle at the cops. This guy is just not having a very good day. I mean, really. He ends up spilling his guts to Lionel but clearly Lionel thinks he’s crazy. Reese breaks him out of the precinct but isn’t fast enough to stop him from calling the Office of Special Counsel. Apparently one of the government people who knows about the Machine works there and sends a sniper to take Peck and Reese out. Things aren’t looking good when the cab they’re in gets hit and explodes. But Reese manages to get out and take down the sniper. And yes, he loses Peck again. Reese really needs to pay more attention to what he’s doing. His job would be so much easier if just handcuffed people to railings or something while he took down the baddies.

In our final jump back to 2009, we find Nathan sneaking back in to put in that contingency in the Machine. I guess maybe someday we’ll find out what it was. Meanwhile, Peck has contacted a reporter and unbeknownst to him, more assassins have been sent. Luckily Reese intercepts them while Finch meets with Peck. He gives him some answers (that the Machine does exist and that Finch built it0 but he also provides a new identity. Later that day, Reese thinks he’s found where Finch lives but he’s a little off. Finch had a fiancée named Grace and he used to live there. Now he just watches her from afar. Knowing about the Machine put him in harm’s way which put her in the line of fire, too. I find it interesting that both of our lead guys have lost people they loved because of their work. I kind of hope that someday Finch can come out of hiding and reunite with his fiancée. We end with the Machine rolling back to Finch’s conversation with peck and we find Alicia sitting at a table nearby, listening and she catches Finch say that he built it. Obviously she’s surprised to hear his voice. After all, the world thinks he’s dead.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Person of Interest - "Many Happy Returns"

Person of Interest 1.21: “Many Happy Returns”

“It won’t be up to you, that’s my point. There are things you can do Detective and things you can’t. That’s where I come in.”
- Reese

At the outset, I just have to say I think that this episode would have made a very strong season finale. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad we have 2 more episodes this season but it tied back to the pilot so much that I feel like if this was all we got for season 1, I’d be very happy. We had a lot of parallel imagery going on. We start this week with a brief revisit of scenes between Jessica and Reese. Obviously things are very unresolved still for him. In 2012, we find Reese already at the library when Finch gets in. But Finch says they don’t have any numbers and it being Reese’s birthday, Finch is giving him the day off. So Reese goes to play Chinese checkers with a guy named Han in the park.

Meanwhile, Carter gets a visit from Special Agent Donnelly from the FBI. Clearly she isn’t following Agent Snow’s decree of “stay away from the FBI”. He’s found a link to Reese up in New Rochelle to a suspected homicide from February 2011. Carter meets up with Finch at a pool hall to share the news. He tells her to go along and see what she can find out. Not surprisingly, Finch lied to Reese about a new number. This week’s POI is Karen Garner. And she happens to be the waitress for Finch’s table. We jump back to February 2011. Reese shows up at the hospital Jessica used to work at, only to find out she died two months earlier in a car accident. He’s rocking a scruffy beard (though not quite as bad as the pilot).

Back in 2012, Finch is using Lionel to follow Karen since Reese still has time off. Unfortunately, Lionel loses her once she finally leaves her apartment. So Finch is going to take matters into his own hands. Up in New Rochelle, Carter gets the rundown of what happened with Peter Arnt and Jessica. She wants to talk to the local detectives about the suspected homicide. Agent Donnelly is off to talk to one of Peter’s bookies. He was so deep in debt that Donnelly thinks someone hired Reese to take him out. Carter isn’t so sure he’s the guy since it was so messy and he left DNA. Yeah, I’m thinking Reese had a different reason to be messy on this one. Back down in the city, Finch swings by the bar where Karen works, only to run in to Deputy Jennings of the US Marshals. He says Karen is a wanted fugitive and he just wants to ask Finch some questions about where he might find Karen. Finch isn’t quite sure how to get out of this one and looks a little relieved when Reese swoops in to save the day. Reese is none too pleased at being kept out of the look. He is a bit of a control freak, let’s be honest.

Finch says he wanted Reese not involved with this case because of Reese’s special sensitivity. In less silly terms, Reese has a problem with domestic violence. But Reese just bullishly demands Karen’s address and he’s going to help her. After assuring her he’s not a cop, she agrees to let him help her. Finch also discovers that Deputy Jennings is her husband. He’s using the whole US Marshal Service to hunt her down. Reese is not going to take that well. We zip up to New Rochelle where Carter gets the case file on Peter. She has some digging of her own to do. She pays a visit to the ME and learns all of Jessica’s injuries from the accident could have happened beforehand. She suspects a domestic abuse situation, much like Reese did. And once more, we find ourselves back in February 2011 where Peter is leaving the house. Reese sneaks in and takes a look around. He replays Jessica’s last voice mail to him (when he was in the Middle East). And we get a bit of a flashback accompanying it where we see Peter get kind of angry with her for making the call.

And Reese makes his presence known to Deputy Jennings by beating the crap out of him and three other marshals just so Reese can deliver his messages. Jennings better stay away from Karen or else Reese will kill him. Reese angry, Reese SMASH! I couldn’t help myself. It’s funny and given that the Avengers is in theaters, it just made me smile. Unfortunately, Finch has lost Karen and he’s rightfully concerned with the fact that Reese just antagonized an entire federal agency. Not one of his better moves if you consider he’s trying to stay off the grid. Karen has run to the train station, hoping to make a break for it but she gets nabbed by transit cops. By the time Reese and Finch get there, Jennings has already picked her up and is heading out of the city. Finch finds him using the hotspot function in his car and Reese gets a little scary. He orders Finch out of the car. I’m guessing it means he’s going to do something rather dangerous and illegal. Murder perhaps?

Carter and Agent Donnelly are talking with Jessica’s mother. She didn’t know anything about Peter’s money issues and she isn’t willing to admit there was any domestic abuse in the relationship. But she does let Carter look through Jessica’s things after she mentions she thought Peter was a better fit for Jessica than the soldier she had a fling with back in 2001. Of course Carter finds a picture of Jessica and Reese. She puts a call in to find out what she can about John’s service record. Meanwhile, Deputy Jennings checks into a motel with Karen and Finch contacts Carter for some help. Reese blew him off at the suggestion of police involvement and Finch is worried about what John is going to do. Carter heads out to find him. Lucky for Karen, Reese shows up and beats the ever-living hell out of Jennings. Carter stops him on the road and he says he’s got to do what needs to be done. We have our final jump back to February 2011 where Reese confronts Peter about what happened to Jessica. At least now we know what really happened and we have that piece of Reese’s backstory figured out. He and Finch meet at the same bench by the river as they did in the pilot (hence my earlier comment about similar imagery) and Finch gives him a business card with an address on it I can see both sides of why Finch kept quiet about the case and why Reese needed to work it. Obviously it dredged up painful memories for Reese but this time, he was able to save the woman in danger. Carter gets the file on John but shreds it and the police file from New Rochelle. She hangs on to picture of Reese and Jessica though. She gets a call from a prison warden down in Mexico saying a Deputy Jennings (aka Reese) dropped off a fugitive that Carter was supposedly looking for. So I guess Reese didn’t kill him after all. It turns out the key Finch gave Reese was for a new apartment (instead of the crap hole he’s been living in). It overlooks the park where he plays Chinese checkers. And in an interesting little twist, we see that Reese ran into Finch in the hospital after he found out about Jessica. Finch had a file with Peter, Jessica and Reese’s picture in it along with a social security number. I guess we’re left to wonder whose number came up.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Person of Interest - "Matsya Nyaya"

Person of Interest 1.20: “Matsya Nyaya”

“Whoever sent us here, doesn’t want us to retrieve the package. They want to confirm it’s destroyed. They want everyone who had contact with it destroyed. And you just gave them a beacon.”
- Reese

We start this week in 2010 in the Middle East while Reese and his partner Stanton are working. Reese is watching her interrogate some guy when Reese swaps out the SIM cards in his phone and he’s got a message from Jessica. She sounds kind of scared and he immediately calls her back. She didn’t think he’d do it. He says she’s okay but that she needed a friend to talk to. Before she hangs up, Reese promises to come for her. He just needs 24 hours.

Back in the present, Carter and Reese are at a bar. She wants more detail on how process works. So he tells her they’ll work the current number together. He points out a guy and girl at a table and says that girl is not the guy’s girlfriend. A woman storms in and pulls a gun. That’s the girlfriend. Carter manages to take the girlfriend down without anyone getting hurt (though a shot does go off). She’s a little annoyed that Reese said they’d be working it together. He doesn’t have too much time to revel in his witty quip back because as usual, they’ve got a new number. Tommy Clay (married ten years with a 9-year-old son) works as a hopper for an armored car service. He’s the guy that has to go in and out of the truck with the goods. Reese is going undercover as a trainee guard. This should be fun. He plants a license plate detector under the car to see if they’re being followed.

At first, things are looking pretty good. They make it to a couple stops with no problems, though Tommy doe explain they don’t always know what they’re carrying. As they’re getting back in the truck after a stop the driver says he’s spotted guys with guns coming their way. Reese reacts accordingly, especially since the plate reader picked up the same plate three times that day) but when he gets to the back of the truck again, Tommy jumps out with a clown mask. Apparently it’s a little ritual hazing for the new guy. Unfortunately, as Finch points out, the Machine never issues a false number. The robbery will happen. And on the HR front, Lionel has been tasked by Lynch (one of the higher ups) to go with a street thug who used to pay the mob to get the money so HR can take it. I can tell this is not going to end well at all.

We jump back to the Middle East in 2010 where Snow shows up with some other woman and they issue orders that Reese and Stanton need to go to China to retrieve a computer with a program that was supposed to be able to disable Iranian nuclear devices. Apparently, they were also developing it for use against China. Reese tells them to find someone else as he has a family emergency and needs leave. Snow blows him and tells them they need the team to go now. On his way out, Reese has a little chat with Snow. Snow ants him to kill Stanton when the job is done because she’s been compromised. As her partner, Reese should have noticed so now it’s his problem to fix.

In 2012, Reese is getting ready for day 2 on his undercover gig. Finch hacked the system so he knows the route and figure out what they’re picking up. I have to say Finch really is clever. Reese is still waiting on a call back from Carter on the plates from the day before when he gets a call from Lionel with an update. Reese just tells him to keep gathering info. Finch made the point earlier in the episode that he thought it was time to tell the two cops about each other. Reese of course said no. But I have to agree with Finch on this one. Not only do we only have three episodes left in the season, but I just really want to see the look on Lionel and carter’s faces when they find out. Reese finally gets in touch with Carter and she says it belongs to a seventy-two-year-old guy. But it looks like his nephew is out on parole for armed robbery. Looks like he’s the guy casing the truck. We get a little scene with the armored truck guys in a diner for breakfast and we meet Ashley, the waitress. The driver notes the really nice diamond bracelet on her wrist. She brushes it off as a gift from her grandmother.

Most of the stops are no problems, just like the day before. Finch seems a little confused when they pick up raw platinum and nothing happens. He spoke too soon. The truck hits something that explodes and it gives the robbers some time to start shooting at the truck. Reese takes both of them out (though he doesn’t kill them) just in time for Tommy to climb out and shoot the driver and Reese. Of course it was an inside job. We jump back to 2010 again but this time we’re in China. Reese and Stanton are getting instructions from the guide to the little town where the computer should be. They head into the town which is under quarantine. The locals were told it was bird flu. Reese and Stanton quickly figure out that everyone in the town was killed.

Reese comes to in the hospital and watches as the driver from the armored truck dies in the ER. Luckily Carter is there to sneak him out of the ER for a chat. Finch calls her cell and he’s quite happy to hear that Reese is alive. Finch doesn’t really show it much but I think he cares a lot about Reese. Anyway, Reese is going to try and track Tommy down before he can fence the platinum. Carter is going to talk to his wife. It doesn’t take long to figure out Tommy’s been having an affair. Finch is a step ahead of her and manages to clone Ashley’s phone. Reese finally tracks Tommy’s burner phone to a hotel but he’s too late. The other two robbers are dead and Tommy’s gone. Or so Reese thinks until he hears someone at the door. He lies in wait and grabs the guy. It turns out to be Lionel, sent there by Lunch to get the platinum from Tommy. Man are things getting super complicated.

We jump back to 2010 in China yet again. I swear this episode has more flashbacks than any other episode we’ve had this season. Apparently Reese isn’t superman because Stanton has to talk to the one guy who managed to sort of survive. He says that some people came and took the machine. So the computer they’re looking for is gone. But she doesn’t tell Reese this. Obviously, something is up. They find a case though and decide to wait somewhere “safe” until the helicopter picks them up at dark. Back in the present, Lionel feeds Lynch a line about the two guys being dead. Well I guess it’s not really a line since it is true. They’re going to check all the places Tommy could fence the platinum together. I guess Lynch doesn’t really trust Lionel to not screw him.

Meanwhile, Reese scares Ashley into telling him that she was supposed to meet Tommy but that he never showed up. Reese learns from Finch moments later that Tommy got a new burner phone and had a voice mail message from his fence about where to meet. Reese heads off and Carter is about to join him when she gets sidetracked by Snow and his buddy showing up. They tell her to stop talking to the FBI about Reese. Okay, really? We’re going have to his immature inter-agency nonsense? I just want to smack that stupid little snide grin off his face. Anyway, things go south pretty quickly. Turns out Ashley and Tommy were working together. Reese sees it coming too late that Ashley is turning on Tommy. Her solo act doesn’t make it far. Lynch and Lionel show up and shot her. Lionel’s quick thinking saves Reese’s life. So that’s one more HR cop out of the way.

We end up back in China as Reese and Stanton are heading out to meet the helicopter. Stanton thinks soon they’ll all be replaced by technology and drones and stuff. Reese isn’t so sure. Unfortunately, he has a momentary change of heart about shooting her, giving her the window to shoot him first. Snow told her that he’d been compromised. Looks like neither of them were supposed to make it out alive. Reese staggers away just as the helicopter launches a rocket and we see a really big explosion where Stanton was just standing. So it appears she’s dead. Except, when we jump back to the present, we find Snow and his partner sneaking into a room paid for with funds from the Caiman Islands that they think they tracked to Reese. But they were wrong. Stanton’s alive and well and seriously pissed at the CIA.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

How the time flies!

So I've been thinking I might need to change the title of the blog come May 25th as I'll no longer be a law student. That's right, in a little over a month, I'll be a graduate!

I kind of can't believe how fast the last 3 years have gone. a lot has happened. I've been agented, and parted ways. I've written several manuscripts. I've teamed up with Jen over at More TV Please! It has been a great 3 years.

After graduation, I dive in to bar prep land so probably won't have a lot of time to write. And pretty soon the Person of Interest recaps will be over for the season. I will be blogging series 1 of Sherlock though, so once those go up on MTVP, I'll link to them here.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Body of Proof - "Mind Games"

Body of Proof 2.20: “Mind Games”

“Here’s the thing about apologies, Wilson. They don’t come naturally to me.”
- Megan

We’ve made it to the season 2 finale! It still remains to be seen whether ABC will return Megan and company for a 3rd go round or not. But we should know that in a few short weeks. We have a sort of in media res beginning with Megan narrating about how she’s not very good at apologies. She’s on the phone, then locking the door. She gets thrown over her desk and ends up bound and gagged. We cut to five days previously following a girl ta bar tossing back shots. She goes around kissing random guy sand before we know it; she’s dead in the alley behind the bar. Something ripped her throat open. She’s a college freshman named Nikki and someone took photos of every guy she kissed. Back at the morgue, Megan finds some strange things on the body, including a chunk of hair missing, a white substance on her hairline and faint circles on her stomach and hips. Kate is quick to point out it was likely Nikki was pledging a sorority. I have to say I was grateful my sorority forbade hazing. There were definitely groups on campus that were rumored to that kind of crap, though. Kate goes with Bud to talk to the sorority girls but she’s obviously more in my camp. She sees hazing as betraying what a sorority is supposed to be about. The girl they’re talking to took the pictures as part of one of their traditions. Nikki also had to go commando for a week (which explained the no underwear thing). She does note that she didn’t take the final picture but she knows the guy and he was obsessed with Nikki.

Back at the lab, Megan is helping Lacey with her insulin pump and Lacey is complaining that she has to keep a food journal and count calories. Megan reminds her it’s just a period of adjustment. Back on campus Bud and Kate confront Nikki’s would-be stalker and lip-lock number 31. OF course, he denies killing her. He was only at the bar to get a kiss since he’s really not Nikki’s type. Back at the lab, Ethan is trying to wheedle the gender of Bud’s baby out of him so he can get an appropriate baby shower gift. Megan interrupts and Ethan shows her a strange x-ray that has fractures to the front of her face. That tells Megan something (along with Ethan making a comment about someone shoving a screwdriver up the victim’s nose and twirling it around…yuck) and after some rather gross head sawing, we find that dearly departed Nikki is missing her brain.

Megan’s seen this MO before in a serial killer named Wilson Polley. She worked the case a few years back. Her first case in fact. He murdered three women on the PTA at his daughter’s school after they refused to go out with him. Bud and Megan head out to talk to the first person suspected of the crime (he was in the last victim’s house three hours before her death). He’s made a lot of money off writing a tell-all book about it. He’s surprised to see that Nikki is the latest victim. She was the third victim’s daughter. That’s not creepy at all. Curtis has discovered that the red stuff left in Nikki’s hair was a chemical and it looks like maybe the killer has a signature (and is a copycat). He also found a webpage for people devoted to Wilson (that always really wierded me out. People admiring serial killers). Megan pays Wilson a visit and he hands over some letters from his fans with the expectation that when Megan realizes she was wrong and he’s innocent, she gives him an apology.

Peter arrives at the lab with molds from the previous three victims, ready to cast Nikki’s skull to see if the tool marks match. Kate’s beat him to it. She’s got some sorority girl connection with Nikki and wants to help. Things are looking good for Megan when they discover all 4 skulls have the same tool marks. Bud has brought in Nikki’s stalker. He admits to writing to Wilson and he also admits to cutting off a lock of Nikki’s hair when she kissed him. But he swears he didn’t kill her. Megan is back at the prison and spouts off to Wilson about how he convinced the kid to kill Nikki so Wilson could get out of jail. Things get heated and emotional when Wilson (he probably just Googled Megan) starts saying that between them, Megan’s the only one who has taken a life. He references the patient that she killed and says she’s so arrogant that she pushes everyone away, from her ex-husband to her father who killed himself. She fights back saying he was so pathetic he let a woman saying he was boring in bed rile him up to kill three women. She storms off and gets a call from Peter. The white substance they found on Nikki’s head matches a prescription the first suspect has. They search his place and find a real Egyptian embalming hook.

The suspect (Grubnik) says that the box arrived on his porch with the hook inside. He didn’t kill Nikki. The lab lifts a print off the hook and it points to Wilson’s daughter, Sophia. So, dutifully Bud brings Sophia in and she vehemently denies killing anyone. She says Grubnik showed up with the hook and asked her if it was real. This case is getting way too confusing. I can usually tell who the killer is pretty early on but this time, I couldn’t even begin to guess. Meanwhile, Wilson calls Megan and tells her to stay away from his daughter. He makes a not so veiled threat against Lacey which sends Megan scampering home only to find Lacey not answering her phone or in the apartment at all. I have a feeling she took Peter’s advice to live her life. Megan calls Bud in a panic and he tells her to stay at the apartment and keep trying Lacey’s cell. He’s sending a squad car over to her place. And I was right. Lacey’s at a party. Megan picks her up and tells her she’s staying at her dad’s because of Wilson’s threat. That seems to quell some of Lacey’s rebellious streak. And Megan’s not too happy with Peter for dolling out parenting advice to her daughter. She’s really just pissing people off left and right.

Peter and Sam head back to the crime scene and find dead rats. Looks like they were poisoned and Curtis determines it was bleach. Not the stuff you can get at the store but the kind that’s used in hospitals and prisons. Megan figures out that Wilson killed Nikki and then snuck back into prison to have an alibi. I have to admit, it’s kind of genius. She, Bud and Sam get to the prison but things go downhill. The guard who was on Wilson’s cell block the night of Nikki’s death is bringing Wilson to the Warden’s office. They get there to find the guard down and his uniform gone. This is really not going to end well. Wilson’s on the outside. His phone is being tracked and it appears he’s heading to Canada and the US Marshals have taken over the case. So the rest of the team, minus Megan who will be along shortly head to Jeannie’s baby shower. Unfortunately for Megan, Wilson is not heading to Canada. He’s in the lab. I never noticed how many glass doors and windows the lab had in it until people and chairs go crashing through them. Wilson knocks Megan out and ties her up. He’s going to kill and he thinks he’s warded off any rescuers until Peter shows up and beings the crap out of Wilson. Megan manages to get loose and shoots at Wilson. He looks kind of surprised and then Peter tosses him off the side of the building. Which would be a great ending except that Peter’s got the damn embalming hook halfway through his stomach. We conclude season 2 with Megan trying to keep a bleeding Peter conscious.